Seller: M7 Real Estate
Target: Office buildings ‘Schiehove’ and ‘Schieburg’
Advisory sell side: Loyens & Loeff | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Boelens de Gruyter
Advisory buy side: Lexence | Legal advisory
HMK Notarissen | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Date announced: 2021-11-09

M7 Real Estate The Netherlands has sold the buildings "Schiehove" and "Schieburg" at Overschieseweg 200-300 in Schiedam to Boelens de Gruyter. The Schieburg building at Overschieseweg 200 is fully leased to Delta Fiber Nederland, while the Schiehove building at Overschieseweg 300 is leased to various organizations, including Staatsbosbeheer, Nexans and Ormer ICT. The location of the buildings is under full development and should be developed into a mixed residential-work area. In the next few years, 3,000 residences with catering industry, shops and fitness facilities will be built.

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