Target: Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software
Sellers: Shareholders Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software
Buyer: OxGreenfield | Private Equity House
Advisory Buyer: YieldDD | Software Due Diligence
VanLoman | Tax
Date announced: 2021-02-15

Alarik Lens van Rijn and Leon Schuurbiers, Directors and majority shareholders of Costo Intralogistics and Xtend Business Software, tell about the merger with OxGreenfield: “After adding a new location in Portugal in 2020, we wanted to take the next step to reinforce our position in the market. The partnership with OxGreenfield will make that possible. By investing in the organisation and processes, we’ll be able to achieve stable growth. That will definitely strengthen our position as a system integrator and software supplier for complex warehouse and fulfilment solutions”, says Lens van Rijn.

Every facet of this investment is also ideal for OxGreenfield. OxGreenfield’s Harm Langen: “E-commerce is a strong growth market. This growth, combined with a scarcity of qualified personnel, will result in the increasing automation of logistical processes in warehouses. Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software have a strong position as suppliers of integrated solutions. They have many satisfied customers who appreciate the organisation’s quality and flexibility. They also have a strong team and driven management that has proven its ability to realise strong growth in this market. To continue that growth, they need to make an additional investment in the organisation, systems and processes. That’s where OxGreenfield will make its contribution as an engaged investor.”

OxGreenfield was advised by our partner YieldDD (Software Due Diligence), and VanLoman (Tax).

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