Target: New Horizon Urban Mining B.V.
Seller: Michel Baars (Private Investor)
Buyer: Janssen de Jong Groep BV
Advisory: Holla Lawyers | Legal
Solid Finance Group | Finance
Date announced: 2021-02-25

Janssen de Jong Groep BV has acquired New Horizon Urban Mining B.V., a Netherlands-based company engaged in the dismantling of buildings and supply of reusable building materials, from Mr. Michel Baars for an undisclosed consideration.

The transaction enables New Horizon to benefit from Janssen's financial support and fast-track its switch to a circular construction and real estate economy. It enables New Horizon to offer the entire range of services in the construction and real estate cycle and supply the materials at a quicker pace.

Post-acquisition, New Horizon will continue operating independently and the New Horizon employees will also manage the 'Urban Mining' cluster of Janssen. In 2020, New Horizon reported a revenue of EUR 13m.

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