Seller: Beter Bed
Target: Matratzen Concord
Advisors seller: AXECO, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Alvares and Marsal, King and Wood
Buyer: Magical Honour
Advisors buyer: Oaklins, Ebner Stolz, King and Wood
Date announced: 2019-10-14

China-based investment firm Magical Honour has acquired Matratzen Concord, a Germany-based bed seller, from Beter Bed Holding, a Netherlands-based bed seller. As part of the investment in Matratzen Concord, Magical Honour Limited is committing to invest € 15 million in Matratzen Concord to ensure the company’s recovery and future growth. With the sale of Matratzen Concord, Beter Bed loses more than half of its turnover.

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