Seller: Stolwerk Metaal
Target: Stolwerk Metaal
Advisors seller: Van Oers, Rassers
Buyer: Raak Metals
Advisors buyer: DEX, EY, CORP.
Date announced: 2020-08-10

Raak Metals, a Dutch metal recycling firm has acquired Stolwerk Metaal, a Dutch metal recycling firm from its shareholders.With the acquisition of Stolwerk Metaal, Raak Metals strengthens its position and coverage by adding the Breda branch to its current network of branches in Tilburg, Best and Elst. The combination will recycle more than 110,000 tonnes of metal per year, resulting in a turnover of more than EUR 40m. The acquisition is a step in the growth plan of Raak Metals and Gilde Equity Management.

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