Target: Voigt Travel
Seller: Voight Travel Holding
Buyer: Stena Line Travel Group
Involved:y Karmijn Kapitaal | Private Equity
Date announced: 2022-11-17

Together with its shareholders, Voigt Travel Holding announces that the company has been acquired by Stena Line Travel Group. The Swedish company, known for its RoRo ferry services, is taking over the shares of, among others, the management and private equity fund Karmijn Kapitaal, which was brought on board in 2018 to achieve further growth.

Voigt Travel was founded in the 1960s. The travel organisation has been the specialist in travelling to the north of Europe for decades. It is still the travel organisation with the largest range of winter trips and direct flight connections to the Arctic Circle area.

In 2018, Karmijn Kapitaal acquired a minority interest in Voigt Travel Holding, with the aim to jointly invest with the other shareholders in further organic growth of the company and make a number of acquisitions. After the entry of Karmijn Kapitaal, Voigt Travel acquired the tour operator, Scandanavian Seasons and Ruka Experiences, a Lapland company that, in addition to offering snowmobile safaris, also operates accommodation and a restaurant. The acquisitions resulted in the successful growth and strengthening of Voigt Travel's market position in the sector. In 2021, Marloes Meijer took over as CEO, after having been part of the company's growth in various roles in the previous eight years.

Quinten Hoogeboom, Investment Manager of Karmijn, says: “Voigt Travel has found a beautiful and sustainable home in Stena Line for the next phase of growth. We look back on a great collaboration, where we were able to set up a successful follow-up of Voigt Travel after the corona period. We are proud of the success that CEO Marloes and managing partner Cees have achieved together and wish her and Cees a good continuation within the Stena Line group. For Karmijn, we have achieved an excellent return on investment in Voigt Travel.”

Source: Karmijn Kapitaal