Target: OfficeGrip
Seller OfficeGrip shareholders
Advisory sell side: Hogenhouck m&a | M&A Advisory
Amstone Tax Lawyers | Tax Advisory
BarentsKrans | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer Total Specific Hosting
Advisory buy side: Vriman M&A Lawyers | M&A Advisory
BDO | Tax Advisory
BOLD. | Financial Due Diligence
Date announced: 2021-08-02

Total Specific Hosting (TSH), a group of Dutch ICT outsourcing companies, has acquired a majority stake in OfficeGrip, a Dutch company specialized in Microsoft 365 cloud technology. By working together with TSH, OfficeGrip will obtain the opportunity to exercise a long-term buy-and-build strategy with the intent to also deliver SMEs with Microsoft 365 Cloud technology. For TSH, this is the seventh company to join the group since its inception in 2016.

Source TSH