Target: Luxform
Seller: Luxform
Advisory sell side: Marktlink | M&A Advisory
Buyer: Arli Hemsson
Advisory buy side: Lexence | Legal advisory
Involved: AVerest Capital | Private Equity
Date announced: 2021-09-11

Investor AVerest Capital, a private equity company from Breukelen, has considerably expanded Arli Hemsson's position with the acquisition of Luxform, a company located in Kampen that focuses on the European market for outdoor lighting. There is room for accelerated growth and costumer base expansion in their existing markets, Luxform states. In addition, they prospect that the acquisition will manifest cross-selling opportunities. With this transaction, Arli Hemsson will grow from 60 employees and a turnover of €28 million to 85 employees and a turnover of €40 million. With the capital of AVerest Capital, Arli Hemsson aims to achieve further growth in the coming years, including through new acquisitions.

Source AVerest Capital
Source fd.