Target: PaperFoam Holding B.V.
Seller: PaperFoam Holding B.V. shareholders
Advisory sell side: Clairfield Int. Netherlands | M&A Advisory
BJTK | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Nissha Co. Ltd
Date announced: 2023-03-13

Nissha Co., Ltd. signs business alliance with PaperFoam Holding B.V., a global provider of high-end sustainable packaging solutions.

Through this capital and business alliance, Nissha will strategically sell PaperFoam® in Asia, including Japan, Europe and North America, and install its manufacturing facility at Nissha's Sustainable Technology Center (Shiga, Japan) to strengthen its exposure to Japanese customers prototyping and mass production capabilities. In addition, Nissha and PaperFoam will jointly develop to further enhance the value of their products. Nissha has strengthened the sustainable packaging business of PaperFoam with strategic partners for further growth.

Source: Nissha Co.