Target: Verder in Techniek (ViT)
Buyer: House of Covebo
Date announced: 2023-11-29

House of Covebo has successfully acquired Verder in Techniek (ViT), a prominent technical training provider specializing in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) operators. The acquisition aligns seamlessly with House of Covebo's overarching strategy to assess, train, and upskill Dutch and European skilled workers within specific segments.

Verder in Techniek, which operates training facilities in Doetinchem and Scherpenzeel, has developed an effective training concept for CNC turning and milling. ViT employs a comprehensive screening and selection process utilizing the CNC knowledge monitor to identify potential candidates. Upon acceptance, candidates embark on an intensive eight-week practical program, followed by a ten-week practical internship. ViT also offers modular customized training programs for companies in the manufacturing industry, providing valuable advice on productivity enhancement.

House of Covebo, a significant player in workforce solutions, annually offers employment opportunities to over 30,000 candidates, with approximately 35 percent engaged in the construction and technical sectors. Since 2017, House of Covebo has established five testing and training centers in the Netherlands dedicated to assessing and training new Dutch and European skilled workers in production, logistics, construction, and technology.

The acquisition of ViT marks a strategic expansion for House of Covebo, complementing its existing portfolio. With specialized training centers focusing on diverse professions such as welding, plumbing, electrical work, concrete carpentry, and solar panel installation, House of Covebo continues to strengthen its position as a comprehensive workforce development hub in the Netherlands and beyond. This acquisition underscores the commitment to providing high-quality training and upskilling opportunities for skilled professionals in the ever-evolving landscape of the manufacturing and technical industries.