Target: Euractiv
Seller: Euractiv Shareholders
Advisory sell side: Kennedy Van der Laan | M&A Advisory
Crowell & Moring | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Zuidbroek Notarissen | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer: Mediahuis
Date announced: 2023-05-11

Mediahuis, a prominent Belgian publisher known for its ownership of various media companies such as Telegraaf, has recently completed the acquisition of Euractiv, an esteemed online media company headquartered in Belgium but managed from the Netherlands. Euractiv boasts a subsidiary located in Brussels, along with editorial offices situated in Paris and Berlin. Furthermore, Euractiv has established a brand that has been franchised to affiliates.

Euractiv specializes in comprehensive coverage of European Union (EU) policies across eight distinct 'hubs' that encompass a wide range of topics. These hubs include agrifood, economy, energy and environment, global Europe, health, politics, technology, and transport. Through its dedicated focus on these areas, Euractiv has earned a reputation for delivering insightful and in-depth reporting on EU policy matters.

For Mediahuis, the acquisition of Euractiv represents yet another significant stride on its journey of intensive and successful growth. This strategic move aligns with Mediahuis' ambitious vision of evolving into a major European media group. By incorporating Euractiv into its portfolio, Mediahuis aims to strengthen its presence in the media landscape and further enhance its capacity to provide valuable information and analysis on European affairs.

With this acquisition, Mediahuis not only expands its media offerings but also gains access to Euractiv's extensive network and expertise in EU policy coverage. This synergy is expected to create new opportunities for both organizations, allowing them to better serve their audiences and establish a prominent position within the European media industry.

As Mediahuis continues on its path of expansion, the acquisition of Euractiv stands as a testament to its commitment to growth and innovation. By harnessing the strengths of both companies, Mediahuis aims to solidify its standing as a key player in the European media landscape and contribute to the ongoing discourse on EU policies, fostering informed discussions and promoting a deeper understanding of the European Union among its readership.

Source: MenA