Target: Global Transport Solutions
Seller: Waterland Private Equity Investments
Advisory sell side: Jefferies | M&A Advisory
DLA Piper | Legal Advisory
Alvarez & Marsal | Financial & Tax advisory
Buyer: TJC
Advisory buy side: Stifel | M&A Advisory
Kirkland & Ellis | Legal Advisory
Loyens & Loeff | Legal Advisory
Date announced: 2023-10-27

In a notable development in the private equity sector, TJC, a prominent firm in the industry, has recently finalized an agreement to acquire Global Transport Solutions (GTS). GTS is a renowned international logistics service provider specializing in supply chain and forwarding solutions for the maritime industry. Operating under the brands Marinetrans and Best Global Logistics, GTS has a significant presence across all continents.

Global Transport Solutions has carved a niche for itself in the maritime logistics sector by offering comprehensive solutions to address the intricate demands of supply chain management and forwarding. The company's global footprint and reputation for efficiency and reliability have positioned it as a key player in the industry.

Marinetrans and Best Global Logistics, the flagship brands of GTS, have played instrumental roles in establishing the company as a leader in the field. Marinetrans focuses on providing tailored logistics solutions for maritime transport, while Best Global Logistics specializes in forwarding services, ensuring the smooth movement of goods across the supply chain.

The rationale behind TJC's decision to acquire Global Transport Solutions is rooted in the increasing significance of the logistics and maritime sectors in the global economy. This strategic move allows TJC to enter the dynamic maritime logistics landscape and tap into the growing demand for efficient and integrated supply chain solutions.

The acquisition positions TJC to benefit from GTS's extensive network and established relationships within the maritime industry. The collaboration of TJC's financial strength with GTS's operational expertise is anticipated to create synergies, enhancing operational capabilities and driving innovation in logistics services.

For Global Transport Solutions, the acquisition signifies a new phase in its growth journey. The injection of capital and resources from TJC is expected to support GTS in scaling its operations, investing in technological advancements, and expanding its market reach. This strategic partnership aims to solidify GTS's position as a market leader and enable it to adapt to the evolving landscape of international logistics.

As TJC proceeds with the acquisition of Global Transport Solutions, the industry witnesses the formation of a formidable alliance, bringing together financial strength and operational excellence. This collaboration is poised to reshape the maritime logistics landscape, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency, innovation, and global reach. The success of this acquisition is likely to set a precedent for future strategic partnerships within the logistics sector, contributing to the evolution of supply chain solutions on a global scale.

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