Target: Notebomer Houtconstructie
Seller Notebomer Houtconstructie shareholders
Advisory sell side: Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames | M&A Advisory
Trip Advocaten & Notarissen | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer Vadeko
Advisory buy side: Amstone Tax Lawyers | Tax Advisory
Stolwijk vanWijk Waardegeneratie | Financial Due Diligence
deBreij | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
NIBC Investment Partners | Private equity management
Date announced: 2022-03-07
Data Room provider Virtual Vaults

Vadeko, a Dutch specialist in the sustainable manufacture of prefabricated wooden frames, has acquired Notebomer Houtconstructie. Vadeko has a complete product range, from roof elements to complete cascoes for residential buildings. Notebomer Houtconstructie has been in the same industry for over 25 years. Upon completion of the acquisition, Vadeko's annual production capacity for wood construction products will increase by approximately 60,000 square meters. Under the new size, the group has more than 125 employees and an annual turnover of over €20 million. Through further automation and expansion, the total production capacity will increase from approximately 250,000 square meters to over 300,000 square meters in the coming years.

With the takeover, Vadeko strengthens its position in the market for wooden prefab elements and Notebomer Houtconstructie gained a partner to realize future growth.

Source Rembrandt F&O
Source Hout Wereld