Target: Indu-Tools Group
Seller: Indu-Tools Group Shareholders
Advisory sell side: Hogenhouck m&a | M&A Advisory
BarentsKrans | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer: Value Enhancement Partners
Advisory buy side: JSA Tax | Tax Advisory
RSM | Financial Due Diligence
Vriman M&A Lawyers | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Date announced: 2023-05-30

Value Enhancement Partners, a prominent Dutch hands-on investment and management firm, has recently completed the acquisition of Indu-Tools Group, a leading industrial rental specialist based in the Netherlands. As part of this strategic move, Indu-Tools Group will now collaborate with EQIN, an existing portfolio company of Value Enhancement Partners, under the unified entity of EQIN | Indu-Tools Group.

Both Indu-Tools Group and EQIN boast impressive track records within the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. By combining their expertise, resources, and market presence, they aim to reinforce their position in Western Europe. The unified entity seeks to achieve further growth, innovation, and an enhanced competitive edge in the region.

This partnership marks a significant step towards creating a stronger and more diversified organization in the industrial rental sector. By leveraging their complementary strengths, EQIN | Indu-Tools Group intends to offer an expanded range of solutions, superior customer service, and increased operational efficiencies. The shared vision is to become a leading force in Western Europe, providing comprehensive and innovative industrial rental services to clients across various industries.

The integration of Indu-Tools Group and EQIN under the EQIN | Indu-Tools Group umbrella signifies a new chapter in their respective histories. With a focus on collaboration, synergy, and market leadership, this strategic union sets the stage for sustained growth and continued success in the highly competitive European market.

Source: MenA