Target: DCS
Seller: DCS Shareholders
Advisory sell side: Hunt Corporate Finance | M&A Advisory
Buyer: Rometal
Involved: Ooms Makelaardij | Advisory DCS Shareholders
Date announced: 2024-01-05

Rotterdam-based company Rometal has successfully acquired Drecht Coating Services (DCS) and its associated real estate, as announced by Hunt Corporate Finance (HCF). The transaction was facilitated with advisory support from HCF and Dennis Dekker of Ooms Makelaars Bedrijfshuisvesting, a partner in Dynamis. Key figures from HCF involved in the deal were Arjen Paardekooper and Max Ferguson.

DCS, headquartered in Moerdijk, operates a substantial production facility and specializes in employing cutting-edge techniques to protect steel structures from corrosion. With a focus on sustainability, safety, and socially responsible business practices, DCS contributes to prominent projects in industries such as offshore, civil engineering, road and water construction, and petrochemicals.

DCS's progressive approach not only emphasizes high-quality and sustainable corrosion protection but also focuses on optimizing the internal production process. In-house developed robots and automation technologies contribute to increased production speed, optimal quality, reduced physical strain on employees, and enhanced work variety.

Rometal, known for its expertise in manufacturing various types of steel structures for high-voltage applications, is the acquiring party. The shareholders of Rometal aim to leverage the synergies between the two companies. With production facilities in the Netherlands and Romania, Rometal's Rotterdam location provides high flexibility, short lead times, and a single point of contact for clients.

Angélique de Keizer and Marcel de Keizer, the selling owners of DCS, express satisfaction with the deal and the process. They will remain involved for a few more months to ensure a smooth transition. Marcel de Keizer acknowledges the role of HCF and Ooms in the success of the transaction:

"From the beginning, HCF and Ooms clearly outlined the trajectory, identified potential challenges, and guided us on preparing the company for sale. We particularly focused on the due diligence phase, allowing us to swiftly conclude this aspect. We look back on a successful deal and are extremely pleased with the professional guidance we received."

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