Target: Frimex
Seller: Value Enhancement Partners
Advisory sell side: KPMG | M&A Advisory
SINCERIUS | Financial Due Dilligence
Vriman M&A Lawyers | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer: VDK Groep
Advisory buy side: Goodlink Corporate Finance | M&A Advisory
Meijburg & Co | Tax Advisory
KPMG | Financial Due Dilligence
DLA Piper | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Date announced: 2021-11-05

VDK Groep, a collection of Dutch companies active in the installation industry, acquired the Dutch installation company Frimex from the Dutch private equity firm Value Enhancement Partners. This is the largest deal in de company history of VDK Groep. With the acquisition of the company from Moordrecht, VDK Groep became active in the West of the Netherlands for the first time. VDK Groep's rapid expansion has been helped by the British EMK Capital, which acquired most of its shares a year ago. Frimex specializes in consulting, designing, engineering and realising retail installations for large supermarket formulations in the Netherlands. The company has 350 full-time employees. Through the acquisition of VDK Groep, Frimex indicates that it will guarantee the continuity of the company.

Source Financieel Dagblad