Target ITEQ Group B.V.
Advisory sell side Marktlink Fusies & Overnames | M&A Advisory
Buyer WILVO Holding B.V.
Involved Borromin Capital Fund IV
Kempen European Private Equity Fund
Date announced 2021-12-17

WILVO has announced the acquisition of ITEQ as part of its strategy to grow its business organically by acquiring attractive additional businesses. WILVO was acquired by Borromin Capital Fund IV in May 2019. The company has grown into a well-known processor in the assembly of precision sheet metal parts and light structural parts, specializing in CNC machining, advanced welding and high-tech assembly. WILVO also provides services for cleaning and refurbishing engineered parts. The acquisition of ITEQ marks another step in WILVO's strategic growth and expansion plan. It expands WILVO's range of services and broadens its business, both in terms of competence and customer base.

Source Borrimin