Target: InterShift Planning
Seller: Greendelta Corporate Investments
Advisory sell side: 1602 Capital Partners B.V. | M&A Advisory
Buyer: Agilio Software
Advisory buy side: CMS | Legal Advisory
OC&C | Commercial Advisory
Eight Advisory | Financial Advisory
Xaeus Blue | Technical Advisory
Involved: August Equity, investor in Agilio
Date announced: 2022-09-27

Agilio Software, a leading provider of dental and primary care software in the UK, has acquired InterShift, a leading provider of GP scheduling software in the Netherlands.

Backed by August Equity, Agilio Software provides dental clinics, primary care physicians, and hospital sectors with software to support the efficient and secure delivery of healthcare services, including compliance, human resources, roster, e-learning, assessment and asset management software . Agilio has over 70,000 dentists and over 4,000 GP practices in the UK.

For over a decade, InterShift has provided much of the Netherlands with the software needed to schedule GPs for out-of-hours care, and has expanded this functionality to help fast-growing GPs schedule their staff. Its software is now critical to delivering primary care in the Netherlands. InterShift has previously received investments from Greendelta Corporate Investments, which have helped fund and support its growth to date.

The acquisition of Agilio will further support the InterShift team and its growth plans, support more GPs using InterShift software, continue product development, and provide more Agilio products and capabilities to customers in the Netherlands.

Dr Sati Sian, Chairman of Agilio Software, said, “the acquisition of InterShift, our sixth since August’s investment in November 2019, is an important step for Agilio into the European market. With our experience and resources, we look forward to having InterShift on board the Agilio journey and to working with the team to deliver future growth across the Dutch market.”

Source: Mergermarket