Target: Deepdesk
Seller: Deepdesk
Advisory sell side: Hogenhouck | M&A advisory
INGEN HOUSZ | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Anywhere365 - backed by Bregal Milestone
Advisory buy side: Loyens & Loeff | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
EY | Tax & Financial Advisory
Date announced: 2024-02-12

In a strategic move set to redefine AI-driven customer experiences, Deepdesk, a pioneer in AI Assistant technology, has been acquired by its strategic partner, Anywhere365.

Deepdesk's AIx platform, renowned for its GenAI tool, seamlessly integrates with Anywhere365's vision for AI-driven excellence in Enterprise Dialogue Management. The acquisition aims to revolutionize customer experiences across industries by combining Deepdesk's capabilities with Anywhere365's robust suite of solutions.

Co-founders Robbert Dijkstra, Lukas Batteau, Geert Jonker, and the entire Deepdesk team will contribute to forming an AI innovation hub within Anywhere365, strengthening the Dialogue Cloud and developing cutting-edge AI solutions.

With a global expansion plan, Anywhere365 is set to enhance its presence in key regions, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Singapore.

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO of Deepdesk, expressed excitement about joining the Anywhere365 family, emphasizing the shared values driving this acquisition. Enrico Karsten, CEO of Anywhere365, acknowledged Deepdesk's market-leading GenAI technology, anticipating strengthened collaborations and a superior value proposition for customers.

This acquisition marks a significant stride towards redefining customer service technology, as the collective expertise and commitment of Anywhere365 and Deepdesk unite to shape the future of AI-driven customer experiences.