Target: HEMA
Seller Parcom Capital
Advisory sell side: Oppenheimer Europe | M&A Advisory
PwC | Financial Due Diligence
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Quore Capital | M&A Advisory
Allen & Overy | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer BACU
Advisory buy side: Adagium | M&A Advisory
AKD | Tax Advisory
EY | Financial Due Diligence
HVG Law | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Involved: Jumbo
Date announced: 2021-11-24

BACU, a Dutch supplier of bread, pastries and bakery specialties, acquired the bakery of Dutch variety store-chain HEMA. The acquisition will allow the repayment of the €50 mln loan that Jumbo made to the buyers of HEMA, the Van Eerd family and investor Parcom, at the end of 2020. BACU supplies bread and pastries to Jumbo Supermarkets and will also supply HEMA in the future. In the past century, BACU has developed into a large industrial bakery company with approximately 550 employees providing bread and pastries to 700 stores every day.

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