Seller: Dunkin' Netherlands & Belgium
Buyer: Van der Valk International
Date announced: 2023-10-11

Van der Valk International (VDVI) Takes a Majority Stake in Dunkin' Netherlands and Belgium, Expanding Its Hospitality Portfolio

In a significant move towards enhancing its hospitality services, Van der Valk International (VDVI) has acquired a majority stake in Dunkin' Netherlands and Belgium. The current management team, led by Roberto Fava, will continue to oversee operations with a strong collaboration between Dunkin's team and VDVI's management.

This acquisition marks a pivotal step in VDVI's mission to provide a complete gastronomic experience, ranging from fine dining in their restaurants to convenient on-the-go services near their hotels, increasingly utilized as traveler hubs.

Additionally, VDVI views this strategic takeover as a complement to their existing portfolio, which not only includes hotels but also other food concepts like the acquisition of Vapiano in 2020. The growth potential of the popular Dunkin' brand is immense and aligns with Van der Valk Hotels' expansion strategy in the Benelux region. The fact that Dunkin' caters to a younger demographic makes it particularly appealing to Van der Valk, as they represent the future of hotel guests.

Presently, Dunkin' operates 53 locations in the Netherlands and 23 in Belgium, all under its direct management. As a majority shareholder, VDVI aims to expand the chain by an additional 60 outlets over the next five years, both within, adjacent to, near, or beyond their own hotels.

VDVI will strengthen Dunkin's expansion strategy in the Netherlands and Belgium by focusing on key areas such as Dunkin' Hot, Cold, and Frozen Drinks, the signature Premium Donuts, an extensive custom-made selection, and offerings like steamed and vegan donuts to cater to the growing demand for plant-based products.

Roberto Fava emphasizes, “Let's not forget that at its core, we are primarily a coffee company, the second-largest in the world. This product seamlessly aligns with the guests of Van der Valk and its entire range of services.”

Gert van der Valk, executive at VDVI, adds, “To further solidify Dunkin's position in the market, we're also looking closely at the existing synergies we already have with various partners and our own operations. Sharing procurement and sales channels, logistics, IT solutions, guest experience, employee training and deployment – we see a multitude of benefits in this acquisition.”

In the coming years, Dunkin' will become an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a quick, delicious bite. From pop-up container outlets at gas stations to kiosks within Van der Valk Hotels, and from to-go shops at strategic locations to larger coffee and donut stores with 60 to 100 seating spots, this expansion of gastronomic services will find a comfortable home within the Van der Valk family.

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