Target: SternFacilitair B.V.
Seller Stern Groep N.V.
Advisory sell side: ING | Corporate Finance Advisory
Van Doorne | Legal Advisory
Buyer Hedin Mobility Group
Date announced: 2022-01-10
Data Room provider Virtual Vaults

The Swedish company Hedin Mobility Group has acquired listed automotive company Stern. Stern's car dealerships, damage repair companies and car rental companies are all sold to Hedin for a total of €103 million. The cash consideration to be paid by Hedin Mobility Group is €83 million. This enables Stern, who is a dealer for brands such as Mercedes and Opel to pay out an extraordinary dividend of a maximum of €14.75 per share. Stern's stake in insurance company Bovemij was not part of the deal. The book value of this interest is currently €19.3 million. With this acquisition, Hedin hopes to take the next step in becoming a pan-European mobility provider. In addition, Hedin and Stern expect to improve the customer experience and loyalty in their automotive industry.

Source Hedin
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