Target: Henra Aanhangwagens
Seller: Henra Aanhangwagens
Advisory sell side: Orange Corporate Finance | M&A advisory
EMLaw | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Unitrailer Holding - backed by Vaalon Capital
Advisory buy side: Van Campen Liem | Legal Advisory
Marktlink | Financial Due Diligence
Date announced: 2024-02-08

Unitrailer Holding, Poland's foremost manufacturer of commercial trailers, has made a strategic move to acquire Henra Aanhangwagens, a leading Dutch trailer producer. This acquisition, backed by private equity investor Vaalon Capital, is a significant step for Unitrailer Holding as it aims to secure at least a 10% share of the European trailer market, valued at up to 5 billion euros.

In its first venture outside of Poland, Unitrailer Holding has successfully acquired 100% of Henra Aanhangwagens, a Dutch company renowned for its exceptional quality and high-end trailers, including those designed for transporting bulky equipment and horse trailers. The acquisition not only expands Unitrailer's product range but also provides access to new production methods for Henra Aanhangwagens and a broader distribution network, facilitating market expansion, especially in Germany.

The transaction is part of Unitrailer's ambitious plan, backed by Vaalon Capital, to become Europe's largest producer of trailers through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. European Trailer Holding, backed by Vaalon Capital, acquired a 70% stake in Unitrailer last year, accelerating its growth trajectory.

Unitrailer Founder and CEO, Arkadiusz Marzec, expressed confidence in the strategic move, stating, "Henra is known for its outstanding quality and high-end trailers, providing the perfect complement to our product range, and we intend to develop the company and its brand across Europe and around the world."

With a market estimated between 4 to 5 billion euros, Europe's trailer market is highly fragmented, presenting opportunities for consolidation. Unitrailer aims to make further acquisitions outside Poland in the coming months, with a goal of achieving consolidated sales of a minimum of 300 million euros within the next two years, triple the current revenue.

"We see strong prospects for growth, thanks in particular to the growing demand for smaller trailers in Southern and Eastern Europe, where lifestyles are changing as societies grow wealthier," noted Marzec. "Bringing together treasured local brands in a larger group provides synergies from sharing know-how and R&D to procurement. Competitive markets and customers' rising expectations for innovative products make consolidation inevitable."

Henra Aanhangwagens, with a tradition spanning more than 90 years, is the Netherlands' largest maker of trailers for various purposes, including construction, landscaping, motorsports, water sports, and horse breeding. The acquisition will enable Henra to benefit from Unitrailer's production methods and distribution network, further supporting its expansion in key markets.

Rutger Poldervaart, CEO of Henra, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Unitrailer is growing dynamically, and joining the group gives us the opportunity to reach new markets, accelerating our development. Trailer sales have always been highly localized, but now customers all over Europe will have access to our high-quality products."

Vaalon Investment Director Daniel Brol emphasized the strategic fit of the transaction, stating, "Henra is a fantastic brand, and this transaction fits perfectly into the strategies of each of the companies."

With Orange Corporate Finance advising and assisting the sellers throughout the transaction process, the acquisition of Henra Aanhangwagens marks a significant milestone for Unitrailer Holding in its pursuit of becoming Europe's top trailer producer, backed by the support of Vaalon Capital.

Orange Corporate Finance