Target: JHK Architects
Seller: JHK Architects Shareholders
Advisory sell side: Stepstone Corporate Finance+ | Financial Advisory
Fieldfisher | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer: Sweco
Advisory buy side: FTI BOLD | Financial Due Diligence
Van Benthem & Keulen - Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Date announced: 2023-01-12

Sweco, Europe's largest architecture and engineering consultancy, has acquired JHK Architecten, an architectural firm best known for designing Unilever's Office The Bridge in Rotterdam, among other designs.

With this acquisition, Sweco strengthens its position in the development of urban areas with high-quality knowledge and experience. For JHK, access to Europe's largest architecture and engineering office offers room for innovation, long-term continuity and growth.

Source: MenA