Target: CPMLive
Seller: CPMLive shareholders
Advisory sell side: Stepstone Corporate Finance+ | M&A Advisory
9Corporate M&A lawyers | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
STP Tax | Tax Advisory
Buyer: KidsKonnect
Advisory buy side: CORP. | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
SINCERIUS | Financial Due Diligence
Involved: Five Arrows Principal Investments| Private Equity Management
Date announced: 2023-03-30

The Dutch CPMLive is a software company that provides enterprise performance management solutions for the childcare and primary education sectors. Their software is designed to optimize financial, operational and strategic performance and provide real-time insights to support decision making. CPMLive has an established client base in the Dutch childcare and primary school sector.

KidsKonnect is an innovative software company that provides solutions for the childcare and elementary education sectors, including daycare management software, parent communication apps, learning platforms and teacher support tools. The focus is on providing these industries with intelligent solutions to improve efficiency, quality and compliance.

With this acquisition, CPMLive is able to expand its customer base and strengthen its position in the childcare and primary education market.

Source: MenA
Source: Stepstone Corporate Finance+