Target: Elektramat
Seller: Elektramat
Advisory sell side: Taurus Corporate Finance | M&A Advisory
JPR Advocaten | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Vossepoel Bedrijfsadvies | Consultancy
Civra | Advisory
Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs | Advisory
Jongbloed Fiscaal Juristen N.V. | Advisory
Buyer: Parcom
Advisory buy side: De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
KPMG | Financial Due Diligence
McKinsey & Company | Consultancy
Date announced: 2023-07-18

In a significant development for the electrical solutions industry, private equity firm Parcom has taken a majority interest in Elektramat, a leading player in the field. The acquisition marks a pivotal moment in both companies' trajectories and promises to bring about exciting changes to the market. With a shared vision for growth and innovation, this strategic partnership is poised to reshape the landscape of electrical distribution and create new opportunities for industry advancements.

Parcom's acquisition of a majority stake in Elektramat represents a substantial investment, underlining the firm's confidence in Elektramat's business model and long-term prospects. With this move, Parcom aims to bolster Elektramat's growth trajectory while also providing the company with access to additional resources, market insights, and strategic guidance.

The acquisition of a majority stake in Elektramat by Parcom marks a momentous occasion in the electrical solutions industry. With a shared vision for growth and a dedication to excellence, this partnership promises to revolutionize the way electrical products and services are delivered. As Elektramat and Parcom combine their strengths, the future holds exciting opportunities for market expansion, technological advancements, and heightened customer satisfaction in the dynamic world of electrical solutions.

Source: MenA
Source: Taurus