Target: Maesstad and Maeshave Assuradeuren
Seller: Maesstad and Maeshave Shareholders
Advisory sell side: IRIS Corporate Finance | M&A Advisory
Wijn & Stael Advocaten | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Yellow Hive
Advisory buy side: JB Law | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
PWC | Tax and Financial Due Diligence
Involved: IK Partners
Date announced: 2023-07-17

Yellow Hive, a major player in the financial services sector, has recently acquired Maesstad and Maeshave Assuradeuren, sparking significant industry interest.

Yellow Hive's acquisition of Maesstad and Maeshave Assuradeuren marks a transformative milestone in the insurance industry. This strategic move reflects the company's commitment to providing comprehensive financial services and offers promising prospects for stakeholders and customers alike. As the new entity emerges, industry observers eagerly await its impact on the competitive landscape and the innovations it brings to the ever-evolving insurance market.

Ger Knikman (CEO Yellow Hive): "Maesstad fits perfectly within our ambitions to grow in specific niche markets. Moreover, the company seamlessly aligns with our customer-centric work style. They possess a wealth of experience with carriers and speak the language of their customers. Such expertise is irreplaceable. We are delighted that with our efficient and innovative organization, we can serve these customers even better."

Roger van der Goot (Director Maesstad): "We are thrilled to be part of a professional and fast-growing team in the rapidly changing insurance market. By combining our strengths, we undoubtedly will be able to serve our customers even better."

Source: Yellow Hive
Source: MenA