Target: atom86
Seller: Schuberg Philis
Advisory sell side: Quore Capital | M&A Advisory
Buyer: OctoNona, a portfolio company of Photon Capital
Date announced: 2023-11-30

Photon Capital's OctoNona, a portfolio company, has successfully acquired atom86 from Schuberg Philis. Specializing in IP transit and connectivity services, atom86 operates through 26 physical points-of-presence, servicing over 70 data centers across the Netherlands.

atom86 is known for its expertise in building, designing, and managing infrastructures that demand high-quality and reliable connectivity. The company's team is committed to maintaining the highest standards in service and infrastructure management for its clients.

OctoNona's mission is to empower customers by providing fast, reliable, and high-quality connectivity solutions, specializing in building and maintaining essential infrastructures. The acquisition of atom86, along with the earlier acquisition of Layer23, significantly enhances OctoNona's capabilities and service offerings. This combination enables OctoNona to offer a broader range of connectivity solutions to its clients, including IP transit and other connectivity services.

Maarten, CEO of OctoNona, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating, “We are delighted to add such an experienced and renowned team of industry experts with the acquisition of atom86. By integrating atom86 alongside our existing infrastructure, we can meet the growing demand for secure, high-quality connectivity solutions. We are enthusiastic about our collective strengths and look forward to providing improved services to our partners and customers."

Alex Bakker, Managing Partner at Photon Capital, highlighted the significance of the atom86 acquisition, saying, “The acquisition of atom86 represents an expansion of OctoNona’s service offerings and market reach, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining a high-quality standard in connectivity provision. Furthermore, we view the addition of atom86 as a crucial step towards building a platform ready for European growth.”

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