Target: CAPE Holland
Seller: CAPE Holland
Advisory sell side: Freshfields | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Venterra
Advisory buy side: Piper Sandler | Financial Advisory
Date announced: 2023-10-19

Venterra, a prominent figure in the energy sector, has recently acquired CAPE Holland, a specialized offshore equipment and services provider. This move signifies a strategic step towards enhancing their presence in the offshore industry.

Venterra, known for innovative solutions in offshore operations, aims to revolutionize energy production. CAPE Holland, a leader in offshore equipment and services, excels in installation and foundation technologies.

This merger brings together Venterra's extensive services with CAPE Holland's cutting-edge equipment, creating a robust entity capable of tackling ambitious offshore projects. The combined entity will also enjoy an expanded global reach, enabling a broader client base and fostering international collaboration.

Moreover, the merger promises an acceleration of innovation, as the collective expertise of both companies fuels the development of advanced technologies. Sustainability remains a core focus, aligning with the shared commitment of both Venterra and CAPE Holland to environmental responsibility.

In essence, the Venterra-CAPE Holland merger sets a new standard for collaboration and innovation in the offshore energy sector, offering a glimpse into a future of sustainable, efficient, and resilient energy solutions.

Piper Sandler