Target: Tenergy Portfolio Services
Engine Competence Services
Seller: Tenergy Portfolio Services
Engine Competence Services
Advisory sell side: Marktlink | M&A Advisory
Marktlink | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Buyer: Unica
Advisory buy side: PwC | Financial Due Diligence
Date announced: 2023-06-21

Unica, an important player in Dutch service providers, acquired Tenergy Portfolio Services and Engine Competence Services. Unica will now gain additional knowledge to fully automate both their energy positions in the electricity market and their control systems in the field of emergency power. Unica will also add the maintenance activities for CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system as part of their maintenance portfolio. All activities will be integrated into Unica Energy Solutions, Unica's business cluster focusing on integrated energy issues such as energy procurement, generation and management.

With Tenergy, Unica has the ability to be more flexible in the balancing markets and gain more technological knowledge to build, maintain and optimally deploy their assets (such as buildings and factories) in electricity markets. The acquisition strengthens Unica Energy Solutions' core disciplines. This covers the focus on the planning, construction and multi-year management of sustainable energy generation systems.

Source: MenA
Source: Unica
Source: Marktlink