Target BKB Precision
Advisory sell side Heron Legal | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
1602 Capital Partners | M&A Advisory
Buyer 365 Capital
Advisory buy side Meijburg & Co | Tax Advisory
KPMG | Financial Due Diligence
deBreij | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A
Date announced 2022-04-05
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Dutch investment firm 365 Capital has acquired BKB Precision, a specialist in plastics processing for the high-tech industry in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, especially the semiconductor, medical, food and analytical industries. The company is known for its ability to machine complex and precision parts in high-performance plastics such as manifolds.
The end markets in which BKB Precision operates are continuously impacted by significant technological advancements, resulting in growing demand and changing roles for component and assembly suppliers in these end markets. 365 Capital looks forward to supporting BKB Precision for further growth through organic and strategic acquisitions.

Source BKB Precision
Source 365 Capital