Target: Eosta
Seller: Triodos Ventures and Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation
Advisory sell side: Roodhals Capital | Financial Advisory
BarentsKrans | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Anders Invest
Advisory buy side: MA law | Legal Advisory
Date announced: 2023-01-26

The value-driven Food & Agri Fund of Anders Invest has, together with a co-investor, acquired a 100% interest in Rhea Holding B.V., a holding company of Eosta BV. As part of the Anders Invest group, Eosta will play a key role in realizing the Fund's ambition to drive the transition to a more sustainable global food system.

The Boards of Anders Invest and Eosta completed the acquisition on February 2. The selling shareholders include Triodos Ventures BV and Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation. They have been shareholders since Eosta was founded and they are confident that under this new ownership, Eosta is ready for the next phase of growth.

Source: Mergermarket
Source: Eosta