Target: Ventus
Seller: PMH Investments
Advisory sell side: Relay Corporate Finance | M&A Advisory
Venture Lawyers | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Antea Participaties
Advisory buy side: Lexence | Legal Advisory
Date announced: 2022-09-27

Dutch private equity firm Antea Participaties has acquired a majority stake in Dutch IT services provider Ventus. Ventus consists of 5 operating companies, each of which specialises in a specific career in the IT field.
This varies from managers to data analysts. In total, the company has 85 full-time employees.

Sales in 2021 are 12.4 million euros.

PMH Investments has sold its 44% stake and Antea has acquired a 54.2% stake in Ventus. The remaining shares are controlled by Ventus' directors and management team.

Ventus is expected to grow further in the following years by incorporating new disciplines such as management consulting and construction, expanding overseas (Ventus already operates in Germany and the US), and training junior staff. Growth through acquisitions is also a possibility.

Source: Mergermarket
Source: Antea