Target: Harley Academy
Seller: Harley Academy
Advisory sell side: Cowgills | Corporate Finance & Tax advisory
CMS | Legal Advisory
Buyer: Rockpool Investments Partners
Advisory buy side: Stephenson Harwood LLP | Legal Advisory
Evelyn Partners | Tax Advisory & Financial Due Diligence
PwC Strategy& | Commercial Due Diligence
Catalysis Advisory Ltd | Management Due Diligence
Rickitt Mitchell | Exit Paper
Gallagher | Insurance Due Diligence
Date announced: 2024-02-19

Rockpool Investments, a prominent investment firm specializing in funding profitable UK-based private companies, has recently announced a significant partnership with Harley Academy. This collaboration comes as a substantial boost for Harley Academy, a leading player in the aesthetics training and clinic business, positioned at the forefront of a rapidly growing market segment in the UK.

Typically providing funding ranging between £5 million and £15 million to profitable businesses, Rockpool Investments' decision to invest £8 million in Harley Academy underscores its confidence in the company's potential and strategic vision. This injection of capital is expected to catalyze Harley Academy's already impressive growth journey, offering new opportunities and resources to further establish itself as a key player in the non-surgical aesthetic medicine training and clinic sector.

Harley Academy distinguishes itself by being the sole integrated provider of non-surgical aesthetic medicine training and clinic services in the UK, offering courses and treatments administered exclusively by qualified practitioners and trainees. The company is unwavering in its commitment to upholding quality standards and ensuring safe practices in line with guidelines from the Department of Health and Social and Care Committee and the broader UK government.

Led by founder and CEO Tristan Mehta, Harley Academy boasts a highly experienced management team and a board advisory panel contributing valuable expertise, industry contacts, and a strong public profile in the medical aesthetics sector. This collective leadership is instrumental in steering the company towards continued success and innovation in the rapidly evolving field of aesthetic medicine.

Tristan Mehta, expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, stated, "I am excited to announce this £8 million investment from Rockpool Investments, a testament to the hard work from our team over the years. This partnership will enable us to accelerate our mission of providing exceptional education and training, ultimately driving up standards and patient safety."

The investment from Rockpool Investments is not just a financial infusion; it symbolizes a strategic alignment of interests. It reflects Rockpool's confidence in Harley Academy's vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine education. The timing of this investment is particularly significant as the aesthetics industry anticipates the introduction of regulations, which is expected to drive increased demand for high-quality training and qualifications.

Ben Hutchinson, Investment Director at Rockpool, shared his perspective on the partnership, saying, "We are excited to partner with Harley Academy as it continues to set new standards in aesthetic medicine education. This investment reflects our confidence in Harley Academy’s vision, leadership, and commitment to excellence."

In essence, the collaboration between Rockpool Investments and Harley Academy signifies more than just a financial transaction; it is a strategic alliance aimed at elevating standards, fostering innovation, and driving the growth of high-quality education and training in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. As Harley Academy accelerates its mission, supported by Rockpool's investment, it positions itself at the forefront of an evolving industry, ready to meet the increasing demand for safe, qualified, and exceptional aesthetic medicine practitioners.