Target: G-Star Raw
Seller: G-Star Raw
Advisory sell side: Rotschild & Co | M&A Advisory
Loyens & Loeff | Legal Advisory Corporate M&A and Tax Advisory
EY | Financial Due Diligence and Tax Advisory
Buyer: WHP Global, a portfolio company of Oaktree Capital Management
Advisory buy side: Vriman M&A Lawyers | Legal Corporate M&A
Date announced: 2023-09-05

WHP Global has recently acquired G-Star Raw, a renowned Dutch denim brand. This strategic move is set to redefine the fashion industry landscape.

WHP Global is a New York-based brand management powerhouse known for revitalizing iconic brands. G-Star Raw, on the other hand, is a globally recognized Dutch denim brand celebrated for its innovative designs and sustainable fashion practices.

This acquisition bolsters WHP Global's portfolio with an established global brand, fortifying its position in the industry. Both companies share a commitment to sustainable fashion. This union promises a collaborative effort to further eco-friendly practices. G-Star Raw's strong international presence opens new avenues for growth and market penetration, particularly in Europe and Asia.

G-Star Raw, under WHP Global, is poised to push boundaries in denim design, leveraging additional resources and expertise. The diverse brand portfolio of WHP Global sets the stage for exciting collaborations and partnerships, enhancing G-Star Raw's brand presence. Expect further investments in sustainable practices, from sourcing to production and supply chain management.

he acquisition has sparked industry-wide interest. Watch closely as the combined strengths of WHP Global and G-Star Raw redefine the fashion landscape.

Source: Dealmaker
Source: FashionUnited